[Issue] Tags filters not working

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When you say they don't work, what exactly do you mean? ucfirst only uppercase the first letter of your word :-?
The only reason why this could happen in a real campaign is if you don't have that custom field in your list, otherwise it will parse, i have just tried now.
If you are sending test emails from the campaign, then this might happen if your list has no subscribers at all.
Thanks for your reply.

The custom field is present. As I said [FNAME] without filters works correctly.
Yes, I'm sending a test name not a real campaign, but I actually have 4 test subscribers. Do you want me to make a screencast?

PS: the template is an Autoresponder type
I found the problem!! I made this test. I first wrote

"Hello [FNAME:filter:ucfirst], how are you?"
The Tag is not replaced by the name. But if I write something like

"Hello [FNAME:filter:ucfirst], is your real name [FNAME]?"
It works and get replaced in both of the tags!!!
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