Is there a way to wipe out all custom fields and start over again?


Hi. Before we understood that differences in naming fields, even just by letter case, will create extra "custom" fields. We wish to clean up ALL the subscriber lists of ONLY the custom fields. Then we will be very careful to add only a few "standard" custom fields.. like "firstname" "lastname" "state" and "zipcode".

Can we accomplish this by deleting all data from the mw_list_field and mw_list_field_value tables? We don't care if we lose the content of those fields.

We will then upload the subscriber info for those 4 new custom fields.

Will this work?
I am presuming that the basic data in the mw_list_subscriber table such as STATUS will not be altered if we only try to upload the additional custom field values?? Is this true?

I wish we could just upload once to All Subscribers, using "email address" as the identifier and have that common data become part of ALL the tables that email address is a member of. Is that possible?