Is it possible to know who has reported me as SPAM in google


I was wondering if it is possible to know which email address has reported me as spam in google mail

someway I can know the email address so I will mark in my suppression list even in future

Actually I went deep in this regards and I have been told that google does not let us know the exact email
address who marked us as their postmaster we can only find the aggregate stats

JA associates gave me this it must be solid I assume and mentioning it here for anyone who has similar doubts as me
This is true. You can get some stats using a google specific header called Feedback-ID.
Header format: Feedback-ID: a:b:c:SenderID

See more on the Google Postmaster site or do more searching for additional information.
It is possible to know which email address reported you as SPAM...would have been great if this was possible...would have helped to create a big suppression list of complainers