is it possible to change the general layout of the interface to RTL?


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I have a client whose language is RTL and he wants to transform the entire interface, how can this be done?
The entire app is meant to be LTR not RTL, so I think you're going to have difficulties, but here's what you can try:
1. Switch the application language t a RTL one.
2. create a file called init-custom.php and place this code in it to activate RTL:
hooks()->addFilter('html_orientation', fn() => 'rtl');
This should enable RTL in the templates as well.

Next, your problem would be how various elements display here and there, but that can be fixed with custom css, so create a file called style-custom.css and place it in /backend/assets/css then in /customer/assets/css and in /frontend/assets/css where yo can place your modifications for each of these sub-apps.

That should give you a decent start.
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