IP Campaign Template tag

Under the "Common campaign template tags" section I do not see any tag assigned for the IP address.

I have a list of subscribers with their IP address and when I import them, they are listed in a column named IP, which is the column header in my csv. file.

When I look at the subscribers list, there is a column name "Ip address", which as been created by the system automatically and it is empty.

What I want is the IP address of the old list going under a single tag (possibly "Ip address", which will be the same where MailWizz add the IP address of new subscribers.

This way I could add the tag in the newsletter when sending to the old and new list.

Any solution?

Thank you.

I think the column name, ip address conflicts with mailwizz reserved keywords for columns.
Can you try in your CSV file to use another column name for ip address, maybe ip_addr ?
And the try import again and see how it goes.