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Hello there,

I wanted to ask wether it Is possible to disable the Regeneration of Invoices? Or change the layout?

As far as I See those invoices generated are not valid due to German Regulations

E.g. You can‘t put in the Bank connection in the footer.

Is it possible to have offline payments or Is there a Plugin/Extension for that?
Or just to deactivate those invoices?
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You can‘t put in the Bank connection in the footer.
As far as i know, that's not a reason for why an invoice could ever be invalid, Germany follows the same EU laws Romania does and all of the EU states, and an invoice is valid if you have the seller info, together with the buyer info and the item purchased.
Take a look at the invoices you get from Envato for instance, they are no different.

While we cannot disable them, we can improve them if there's the case for that, so maybe we can add a hook at some place which could allow you to modify the invoice object and add extra info as you see fit?
Ok so here is a list of things I can't get to work on my Mailwizz install.

1. The logo uploaded doesn't appear in the invoice
2. The currency symbol (€) is on the wrong site
3. I need a short text in the head above the invoice
(4. The footer thingy is now fixed after I used EXTRA NOTES)
5. The url of the site is appearing in the footer -> not necessary to remove but to have it better looking ...

Best Regards
Thanks for the update:
#1 - Does it not appear at all?
#2 - The currency, together with time format, pricing format, etc, are all shown based on your locale. So they do show in the right position unless the people writing the framework we're using got it wrong, which i doubt.
#3 - I think this can only be done with the hook i told you about earlier.
#4 - Nice.
#5 - Same as #3, a hook would fix this.