Internet Connection Fails then MailWizz sits Offline


We're having an issue with our ISP doing maintenance on the weekend and MailWizz going offline as a consequence of not being able to poll it's servers to verify our license/IP. The ISP brings our connection back up but MailWizz is then sat offline until I come in on Monday morning and get shouted at for not watching the server 24/7, because we schedule campaigns to go out over the weekend.

I understand the need to have license checks but I find the default course of action of disabling the application, when there may be a genuine reason that MailWizz cannot "phone home", a draconian measure.

Maybe a solution could be to have the application "phone home" every minute whilst the server is offline for licensing issues? If the server is found again, MailWizz could switch on. At lease this way the headache I have on a Monday morning, after a weekend of drunken debauchery, will not be made worse by my manager bashing me around the head with an KVM switch.