I do not understand what to do with the "INTERNAL" Bounce.
This is hard or soft? What are they and how do they see the system?
For example, this answer is "INTERNAL smtp; 550 in RBL. See". I can be ban immediately or i need wait until the system mailwizz bans this? There is a setting for this type of error in the crown


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@Dima108 - Internal bounces are the bounces that happen because of your mail server and not because of the subscriber(these are hard and soft), for example the subscriber is okay, but your server might have difficulties delivering to a certain domain, etc, and because of this, we consider that if using other delivery server or sending later, then sending would work so it would be bad to mark these type of emails as hard or soft, thus internal is the answer.
@Dima108 - you have to join on the mw_list_subscriber table. i.e:
SELECT b.*, from mw_bounce_log INNER JOIN mw_list_subscriber l on l.subscriber_id = b.subscriber_id LIMIT 10;
@twisted1919 if I want "Internal Bounce Type" to be blacklisted. Which field should I change on settings? I mean "Settings for processing Delivery and Bounce logs"

I understand.. @twisted1919 But I use amazon SES, and they really hate bounces..
I attached a photo. What do you think about this settings please?


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@SirNight - If you are using amazon ses web api, then things are a bit different. The categorisation is done in apps/frontend/controllers/DSWHController.php since these come directly from amazon.
What is the message for the internal bounces, can you show some samples? (don't include emails, just messages)
@twisted1919 Actually I am not using SES web api.
AWS SES is added as smtp delivery server and setup a bounce email...etc
Everything works well, just not sure about this settings. Can you advice pls.
I got some internal bounces without any message? Some of them seem like they should be hard bounces.

If my delivery server get shut down by my host for anti-spam. Will that cause even hard bounces to show up as internal bounces?



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