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Has any one integrated Mailwizz with Postal. Postal automatically sets a return path address sub-domain and inserts that in the email headers something like

Then all bounces goes to Postal and we don't see bounce data in Mailwizz. Postal does not has a way to suppress that bounce sub-domain.

Has any one handled this so that bounces are processed by Mailwizz.
Thanks that worked like a charm. What would be the webhook URL for DRH's GreenArrow Engine. Or is there any page which lists all Mailwizz available URLs.
Postal shows all data sent to Mailwizz over webhook. Can I also see the incoming data (event notifications) at mailwizz end for Postal and GreenArrow?
Under a LIVE campaign I see Postal sending all data over web-hook but I don't see bounce statistics in the campaign and neither are those bounced addresses getting unsubscribed. How can I check if Mailwizz is getting all the event notifications. Also right now I am passing all events, do I need to select certain events as shown in this screenshot of postal.


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@Sandeep Saxena - mailwizz processes only these events:
'MessageDeliveryFailed', 'MessageDelayed', 'MessageHeld', 'MessageBounced'
so you can pass all events, no problem, we filter them out anyway.
ok Thanks. What about first part of my question. Postal shows that it passed a lot of data to Mailwizz over webhook but I don't see all that data in Mailwizz under campaigns, none of the hard bounced got unsubscribed / blacklisted.


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Hi, can you please advice webhook URL for PostMark to trach complain and bounces? and if I need to have any specific header?


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@GregKevey - unfortunately we don't do bounce processing for postmark yet. It's on our roadmap for the near future.