Integration of a custom field multi-enhancement


Dear Mailwizz staff,
thanks as always for your prompt support.

This time I will contact you to find out if it is possible to integrate a small function at the level of custom fields.

Specifically, we need to insert a custom field of multiple checkbox type.

Currently I have had to create several custom fields for each category that I need (for example: CAT1, CAT2, CAT3, etc.) to each of which corresponds a column in the database. At the moment I send a campaign on the total number of subscribers I go to fill one of these category custom fields with a generic value.

This allows me to create a segment for the list and to select only who is assigned to one of the custom fields of the example categories.

We would like there to be the possibility of using only 1 custom field, therefore 1 single column in the database, which should be populated on the basis of the values indicated by me.

For example: we want to send a campaign and all users who open it must be marked with a value assigned by us. In the event that we go to send a new campaign and enhance the field with another data, we would like that data to be added and not to replace the previously assigned data. Furthermore, if we had to make a 3rd sending and enhance the custom field again with a data that we have previously used, we would like the same data not to be duplicated because it already exists.

In summary, we would like to add only one custom field that collects multiple values without replacing and duplicating them.

I hope I have been clear, otherwise I remain available for further clarification.

Kind regards and good work
This is something we really should have done a while back, we even have a open issue for it:
Screenshot 2020-06-02 11.41.38.png
We just didn't reach it yet...
I'm sorry! I hope so much you will be able to add it in future releases, but I am sure you will succeed because you are a fantastic team!
I read the answer regarding the speed of filling of the custom fields that will be available in the next version of mailwizz, so we will surely have to solve this problem for the moment without problems!