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P Rao

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During install, creation of database tables i get an error 504 ngix and the installation halts, 128 tables have been created in the data base.
When i start now it goes to mailwizz/customer/index.php/guest/index
I cannot login as the admin is not created and also cron jobs are set.
Kindly help.
@P Rao - have your hosting company increase the timeout on the server so it let you complete the install.
this usually happens on very limited servers:-s
Thanks for your prompt reply, i dropped all the existing tables from the database contacted my hosting service provider n got the timeout time increased and reinstalled it and i got the same error again ie. 504 Gateway Time-out nginx, is there any way to do a manual install or another way i can get it installed and running.
if you still got the gateway timeout it means your timeout value hasn't been increased properly. your hosting has to increase nginx timeout but also php's fpm timeout.
I am attaching the details of the error, also kindly advise me on steps to upgrade

P Rao


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@P Rao - Along the error lines it says:
include(ActiveRecord.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory (/home/machinee/public_html/mailwizz/latest/apps/common/fr amework/YiiBase.php:463)
What this means is that while uploading the files, some of them failed the upload process.
You should try uploading all the files again and skip the one that exist on the host already.