install and configure ZoneMTA


Hello Community,

hope everybody is safe.
need some professional help with zonemta installation and configuration

scope of the task:

install ZoneMTA

install ZMTA-WebAdmin page.
configure sending zones to determine the amount of emails that could be delivered to a specific domain eg gmail, yahoo , microsoft , comecast and other per hour
configure backoff rulles
configure ip rotation

write a short install and configuration guide for L2 support

will provide Centos 8 vm

post your quotes

thx in advance



Hope you are well and safe,

I have seen your Zone MTA Package, than ZoneMTA, Postal Smtp server best,

I would recommend you to use Postal Smtp server, it also has Ip tools, better Postal Smtp server than Zone MTA, 100% inbox delivery and port 25 SSL,

You will see Dashboard of Postal Smtp server,

If you want to configure Postal Smtp server,

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Hello @aontar730

thank you for reaching out
i do have some experience with Postal SMTP server and it's good for transactional emailing.
Correctly if am wrong , but there is no Back off or domain policy to setup. so i can't limit the amount of emails that i can send to gmail , hotmail etc in other words it's a bit useless to email marketing as ip even with rotation will get banned after some time without back off feature

so i am trying to setup ZoneMTA to give it a try



Postal SMTP Server If you use a properly configured SMTP server and follow the warm up guide. You can send a good amount of emails every day
from 200 000 - 500 000 per day , commercial - corporate emails. ips are properly warmed up but without the domain policy there is still a problem . Do you know how to set it up in Postal 2.0 ?