Index file making server slow

Tarun Arora

New Member
While I'm going from one tab to another tab ( All Campaigns to Lists) from backend or by customer login. It takes good amount of time to load the page. When I inspected it it was the index file which was causing the delay. When the server is not being used by any customer expect me then index file alone is loading in 8Secs and followed by others. Now this increases when there are lot of other customers in it.

I have changed innodb values even and still of no use.I have got the iops increased for my premium ssd to 1100 iops.. Server configuration is now 4cpu and 16gb ram..

I'm not able to figure out why this is happening, According to Microsoft Azure the H/W is not ever utilised and well in place.

Can you please help...
I responded to this via support tickets.