increase the speed of delivery


It will be possible to increase the speed of delivery, I have a dedicated server with SMTP 16 configured in the platform, I have sending limit or restrict band with my current configuration sending 2,500 x time anyone know ...? this is my current configuration ....

time = 100 subscribers
send time = 50
pause in = 10
emails x min = 100
change server = 200
Actually I read the post, but I do not understand anything that is explained, plus I'm not looking forward parallel campaigns but one campaign to come out faster .... I thought that changing these values could be achieved but not encourage me to change ... but hey it seems very technical and beyond my reason and understand, because it speaks of ajecutar commands but does not say where in the sever via ssh in the browser talks to stop the crown can not understand the truth .. .
@GlobalDIMA - Sorry, i was under the impression you'll be familiar with the command line stuff, my bad.
Try these settings:
subscribers at once time = 500
send time = 0
pause in = 0
emails x min = 0
change server = 0
please help me, I restored the old command, I deleted the shipping under way PCNTL delete the last crow and restore the normal installation, but now hardly send .... send me an email x second ... . I really need help to be able to send normally. You can look at the ongoing campaign enters the customer's account and looks at you will be eternally grateful if you help me to solve this

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I have to send just 4 emails per minute (warming). How to config the mailwizz to do it? Thank you.
I've managed to increase the speed of envio.He post followed the steps, replace the file and add the appropriate cronjob to the implementation of the new shipping method, then set in 500-0-0-0-0 as shown here and now send a campaign that gave me a return of nearly 10,000 shipments per hour. Yes now....
Hi Global,
Thank your for answering.
But let me explain what i really need here:

I have a VPS with one IP. I am using powermta as my mail server. The PMTA is configured now to send just 250 emails / h because i am trying to warming up my ip. So i would like mailwizz just process 250 email/h to prevent emails from getting accumulated in pmta queue.

So how should i configure mailwizz to send 250 email/h, or 5 emails/minute?

Luis, let PowerMTA handle outbound throttling. Whether you send 5 or 5k a minute to PowerMTA, it won't matter as it controls how many emails leave your machine an hour.
Hi Mxyzptlk FishStix
Thank you for answering.

I understand you. But i was reading about it, and i saw some people saying when the email is processed by mailwizz (or other software), it will have a date and time in the header. If PMTA hold the massages for a long time in the queue, it will most likely fall in to spam box because other server will "see" theses informations.

That makes sense?
Hi Luis truth that there is not killed me as the PMTA works, but I have the PMTA in interspire platform on another server and do not use it .... in this particular case I have mailwizz a powerful dedicated server only for mailwizz with 16 ip and 16 servers configured with output with the parameters that I spend the author'm sending smoothly 10,000 per hour in each campaign. I think you should put a ticket so you can respond directly to the author surely is very clear. Cheers