Incorrect Cron Jobs

Seymour Taylor

New Member
Hi there

I have Mailwizz setup on a VPS.

The cron job files are attached to this message.

For some reason, when I click a campaign to send, it sends the campaign an hour after schedule. I set three to go this morning and looking at the records, they all sent an hour after scheduled. How do I change this to every minute?

mailwizz-cronjobs-forum.jpg mailwizz-cron-hourly.jpg mailwizz-cron-send-campaigns.jpg
@Seymour Taylor - cron which send campaigns is named "send-campaigns", hourly cron does other stuffs.
From your cron job history seems all is fine, send campaigns run on each minute as set
Additionally, when you send a campaign, please try to schedule it in the past, like 1 day ago, and see if that forces the sending to happen faster.