Inaccurate reading statistics

Jam nick

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I have read the email, why can’t the reading count be counted?

Looking forward to your help.

thank you


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Many are not counted, I don’t know why
If you click on campaign overview and then on opens or clicks then in that grid count of opens is not correct?


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Olá, estou com o mesmo problema relatado acima, onde o painel de estatísticas de rastreamento não atualiza em tempo real, sendo diferente da parte inferior das últimas aberturas. já estava checando o cron, limpei o cache e mesmo assim só atualiza depois de um tempo. Eu gostaria de uma solução para o problema.


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@inbec - it's server cache not browser cache. It will update itself at the right time.
Remember you can always click on the reports "numbers" from the campaign overview, which will show you the details, and those are not cached.