Importing of large database with many fields


Dear MW Support:

What do you suggest would be the best way to import a large database with many fields. For instance, we have over a million subscribers that have data in the form of questionnaires associated with their email address; such as, name, address, phone, location, questions and answers based on: industry, company type, number of employees, etc. An example of a question and answer would be: What is your company type? The user has to choose a. commercial b. government c. education d. self-employed. We then store the answers associated with the questions into the database. What would you suggest is the best way to import the items into MailWhiz? We tested so far with just importing name address. Everything worked good. We have not attempted all the fields yet. All the fields add up to about 100 fields. Can Mailwhizz handle that? We want to eventually associate the data with a form in WordPress. Can MW do this? Ive seen the WP plugin and Im thinking it can. I'm just asking on the forum so that before I attempt to do it, maybe the forum has some experience with it and can point me in the right direction. Thanks alot for your time and help!
@Troy - I don't have a definitive answer, all i can tell you is, try and see what happens.
The number of custom fields indeed matters since at each campaign we need to go through each custom field and do replacements.
It also matters when you segment, if your segment includes more custom fields, it will be slower.