Importation issue


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i have a database about 250 000 e-mails, when i upload (import) from interface mailwizz, but it take lot of time, more then 10 hours, are there any other way to import the base ?

PS : it take time because this is from navigator, if may be will be on server, will be more quickly.

Are there any solution ?

First check upload file size in your php.ini file.

For upload such 250k file, your server config also need atleast 8GB of RAM.
If you can divide your list of 50k then it would be good and fast to import. Only you have to manage 4 lists instead of one.

Let me know it works or not.


You're going to have to use the command line via SSH or get someone to whip a simple PHP page that can rapidly import those emails using MySQL/MariaDB's LOAD DATA INFILE.
For MySQL LOAD DATA, i should have file with .sql, i have only csv and txt
For SSH ? how to do it ?