Import subscribers from external db by API


Hi there,

Statement: I have zero experience with API and all that. So noob questions might occur.

But generally I need:

I have an external company that delivers new leads(Mails) for me.

So I would like to set up so that they can by API upload these new emails to my different lists (once a day or once a week) from their system just by calling the API. So it's all going automatically, so I don't have to upload them my self.
Emails are from different countries, so I am going to have multiple lists and somehow make sure they end up in the right list.

Like: I just giving them an API key and boom, they are uploaded to the specific list.

Is that possible somehow in Mailwizz? I've got the API keys setup for my front-end opt-in box on my own site atm.

I've read different threads here on the forum, but nothing that could help.

Perhaps one of you guys, @frm.mwz, and @twisted1919, can help here?