import file csv


Most likely your CSV file isn't in a correct format.
It should have an email column so that mailwizz can use it as the subscriber email address.
When you try to upload a csv file in that modal window, you also can download a sample CSV file to see how your own csv file should look like.

Ah, missed this one for some reason, sorry :)
When i asked to paste a few rows it was because i wanted to see the delimiters from the file. An image does not show that.
So please open your file with notepad++ for examples, and copy first 10 rows from it and paste it here (make sure you mask email addresses).

Yes, I don't know why double quotes ... I didn't see it. :rolleyes:
My ""French" Excel Export with ; and no simple ,
Il need to do search and replace. Strange isn't it ?
You add double quotes only for columns that contain more than one word.
For example, you can have:
But you can't have:
The name, The Age, The Gender
Because there are two words, so you need to enclose them in quotes, so the correct way is :
"The name", "The Age", "The Gender"

Same goes with the next rows in files.
I got it ! I did'nt know that.
For Excel export, I found it can be better with openoffice. We can choice the comma character for export.
Thanks for your quick answers. Now, I can continue...
When I create an excel file, I save it as "csv separator: semicolon", but when I open it from Notepad, here is the example
email, name, surname, age
testa; testname; testlastname; testing
@wissem - You can select the separator, select the comma so that your file will be:
email,name,surname,age,"test name",testlastname,testing