is annoying not being able to import lists without, mailwizz automatically create all fields you find in csv ...

I think you should be able to choose if you want to auto import custom fields using the csv fields or just import the custom fields configured in the list previously.

also be able to map fields would be ideal.
That's something we will most likely add in mailwizz 2.0 or 3.0, where we don't have to worry about breaking backwards compatibility.
I think it's one of the most important caracteriscas currently need mailwizz should be high priority as next function.

I give you an example of why:

I have email lists of more than 1M of emails.

since mailwizz does not allow mapping fields and also does not select which fields to import, I have to:

first I have to split the file into several parts, Excel does not allow open files with more than 1M rows ....

change the fields in each file then merge files and finally imported back into mailwizz.

every time I need to update the database the same ... I can not automate the process.

the key is to be able to map the fields in file with fields in mailwizz list.

in this way I could import data from other sources and adapt it to my list without modifying the files manually.
@DarKZeroS - i understand the issue completely, but as i said, we will tackle this, amongst other big issues, in the next major release of the app because we do not want to break backward compatibility.