Images do not show, when email is sent


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When the image is uploaded and inserted within the email it doesn't come up. I've taken an email sent to me by hostgator and copied their email codes to send from the MailWhizz system and it worked great, all the images came up.

I simply edited the logo within the hostgator email (the one that worked), and used another logo image (tested with both JPG & PNG) that I got from the MailWhizz server. By doing this test I've ruled out the following;

1. no issues with the codes
2. The MailWhizz system works fine when sending emails that have images

However, it seems that images hosted by MailWhizz's system do not work. Attached is a cropped screen shot of Email #1 sent by MailWhizz using hostgator codes, the only missing image is MailWhizz's image code. Email #2 sent by MailWhizz using original code the only image that worked is Hostgator image code (external image:

Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon, with all the possible reasons why any image hosted by the MailWhizz system didn't show up in the email, even though both emails were sent by MailWhizz.

Also if you need access to my server please let me know how to send you the login details. I'm using MailWhizz version

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It was set to 755 permission, I changed it but unfortunately it didn't work. Thanks for your suggestion non-the less...
It seems that I had a hotlink protection setup, so after disabling it that did the trick. Thanks again Rob for your suggestion...