I thought this was a type of AutoResponder but I don't think MailWizz supports it

Simon Brown

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I always thought that AutoResponders were sequences of emails. Sure they're triggered by an initial email or sign-up but from the perspective of an EMM (such as MailWizz) I always considered them to be sequenced groups of emails.

I don't think Mailwizz supports this, I'd like to find out how expensive it would be to implement. Here's what I'm talking about:

One of my MailWizz customers would like to run several of this type of thing (that isn't an Autoresponder - that must be the wrong name for it).

Each of these "things" contains something like:



They're a sequence so an email gets sent once per day - you get the first email when you sign up and then each day, at the same time of the day (kind of I realise there are limitations) you get the next email from the sequence for that particular contacts list.

In MailWizz am I right in thinking we can only create either a one-off "email blast" (campaign) or a single list of "Autoresponder" which are sequenced by having their start time set the day after the previous one. I don't think there is a way to define a sequence of emails to send as an autoresponder. Certainly the manual mentions sequential autoresponders but doesn't show how to create them and I can't find anywhere in the backend which enables this.

Is there perhaps a plugin I could buy from someone that does this? I would be willing to pay.


Well, AR in mailwizz are sequences, i mean, you can define them to run X, Y, Z days after certain events, isn't this a sequence?
You need to create a separate AR for each sequence of course, that is because you need a different email body for each AR since you don't want the subscriber get same email over and over.
@twisted1919 - OK I'm doing it wrong then. Where do you create these ARs then? You can create a "campaign" which is a single email or a recurring email (newsletter?). The recurring email has the same content each time so I guess we have to somehow change the newsletter each time either by editing the email or getting the content in from some external source.

So the autoresponder is a single email. Not a sequence of emails. Correct?
@Artisan Send - Let's make sure we're on same page.
If you create a new campaign, you have to select Autoresponder like so:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/f8yx89edg8zf7uf/Screenshot 2015-10-30 11.12.52.png?dl=0
Then when you are in last step of the campaign, you can select events and triggers:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/3l87q360nq8q6fo/Screenshot 2015-10-30 11.13.46.png?dl=0
https://www.dropbox.com/s/ohm6z06uoxgkm1y/Screenshot 2015-10-30 11.14.17.png?dl=0

So the autoresponder is a single email. Not a sequence of emails. Correct?
Somehow yes, it's a single email sent after a period of time after an event happens.
I see.
Are you aware that there are 2 definitions of autoresponder?
There is the single message response (which your system has).
And there is the "series of messages over time at fixed intervals" response, as implemented by Aweber, Mailchimp and a bunch of other, less well known systems.
How hard would it be to write an extension to do this? Has anyone already done this, that I can buy a copy of their plugin? Is there someone you can put me in touch with who can do this? I'd rather purchase a pre-existing plugin then reinvent the wheel here.


@Kollydaton - The thing that Simon Brown said. That's what I want.

When I set it up it doesn't run reliably. I can't pick days of the week where no email is sent (I do B2B, I can't be sending emails on the weekend, they won't get read). I can't define a series of 8 or 18 or 80 emails that will be sent at one-day intervals to a specific list of people who are already in that list (not triggered when they open an email, not triggered when they sign up, already in that list). I can't define several sets of these like you can in aweber, mailchimp or most any other mailing system I've used since 2000 when I started doing email marketing.

According to @twisted1919 "Somehow yes, it's a single email sent after a period of time after an event happens."

I'm looking for a recurring email sent after a period of time after an event happens, and I want it to include the event of "when I decide to start the campaign!".

Mailwizz won't send recurring emails as an autoresponder, and the autoresponders only accept 2 types of trigger.

I've got the source code open and I can't work out where the triggers are defined, how to add triggers, how to send to all users in a list, not just those who sign up after a specific time. I could copy all the users from one list to another to "trigger", but that's enforcing an anti-pattern and I can't expect paying customers to do that without an awful lot of persuading.