I need to filter bounced emails in the last e-mail list. How?

I have an e-mail list about 60K. I sent an email to all. But 30K e-mails seems in the bounced list. Now, I need to delete bounced e-mails in my main list. How can I clear main list.
Sorry, I cant find how can I export new filtered e-mail list? I go to my list page but I saw same count for export. Can you detailed explain?
@Erdem Çetinkaya - as a customer, go to your email lists and click the "All subscribers" button. Then click the filters button. You will have there option for exporting stuff. But as i said, let mailwizz do it's job, DO NOT remove those subscribers.
hi, please look attached image. I cant find "didnt bounced" list. My emails %50 bounced.


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@Erdem Çetinkaya - did you read the above reply?
You don't to select emails that didn't bounce, mailwizz will filter those automatically when the campaign is sent.
I sent again now but it didn't filtered. And I need exportable list dear coder. Because I will unite all correct e-mails in one list. Is there anyway?
@Erdem Çetinkaya - Have you tried the exporter at Customer > Lists > All Subscribers, then press the Filters button?
Screenshot 2018-06-21 09.26.40.png

But again, if an email hard bounces, mailwizz will not send campaigns to it anymore.

ALSO, in your campaign overview:
Screenshot 2018-06-21 09.28.08.png
press the counter on bounces, in this case number 5 and you will see:
Screenshot 2018-06-21 09.29.36.png
And you can click the export button to export.