I hate spam....i stopped using mailwizz cause of that


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When I check subscribers.....it is mostly spam.....like 10 per day......it is bad for your sending rate to send to spam users.....who will then blast you with more spam

you advised me to use captcha.......but you need to direct users to compeltely new page when adding captcha......but even then you get SPAM......even if you enable captcha you still get spam subscribers.......

this is horrible....I am looking for another solution....
and i told you I am dissapointed about that and you say then use another program.....
is this normal to get so much spam subscribers?

I dont think so
I think this has to be addressed correctly before anything else.

You get spam subscribers because any form in this internet, without bot protection, will get spam submissions. You don't have to trust me, ask wordpress owners for example. It's nothing specific to mailwizz but to the way internet works nowadays.
Mailwizz's forms on the platform are pretty hidden because of their url which uses a 13 chars random hash which makes it very hard for spammers to find automatically. Next step we take is that we give you the ability to your forms to use double opt-in, and you should use that. This means your subscribers have to confirm their subscriptions, and if they don't, they get removed automatically from the list after a configurable amount of time, so even if you get spam subscribers, they get removed by mailwizz automatically.
The third step we take is we allow you to use recaptcha for your lists, and now we also added the ability to enable disable it per list basis.

So we give you absolutely all the tools you need to protect against automated subscriptions. You just have to use them. Correctly. It's simple.

I'd say you should come back to using mailwizz, and do it right this time.

a recaptcha look should be on the public side that is small and the design doesn't spoil too much, so it's aesthetic and not disturbing a big recaptca block.

the ability to enable disable it per list is definitely important.

is this feasible?