I can't upload my list


Please I need help with uploading my list. It's only 10.1MB in size and I've increased both my limit to 20MB on both backend and on php.ini. But I'm surprised with this error "From a total of 0 possible subscribers, so far 0 have been processed, 0 successfully and 0 with errors. 0% completed."


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Thanks for helping. Yes it does. Infact i tested just only 3 email addresses in a csv file and it still didn't upload.
From lists> "Your list"> Tools> Import> CSV on the modal that appears you can download a test list, try uploading this list and see how it works?

Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 11.58.19.png
Pls should i send my login credentials so that you help me look at it. I've opened a support ticket. I can send the credentials there. Thanks
I've resolved it. i just changed my browser and cleared the browser's history and it's uploading now. Perhaps if i had used the same browser and cleared the history too it probably would have worked too :)