HTML Form integration


Hi, man.

Thanks for this app, you've al ready helped me resolved some issue and I resolved others researching the forums, some I'm starting to enjoying it. :p

But right now, I need help integrating or connecting the HTML form to the service I use to gather leads, which, in this case, is, Leadpages.

Here is step by step process of How I'm doin' it.

1. I copy the html code form from their exact correspondent form of the specific campaign


2. Then I paste it in the leadpages back end:

3. I Go to the front end and click the button so the lead form pop up


4. I enter the info in the pop up.


5. Then It redirects me to a page that I've specified in lead pages.

6. I received a confirmation email from leadpages with the info the user input

7. Absolutely nothing happens in mailwizz... I login to check but the user I just entered isn´t anywhere.-

This is alive example of that page:


Thanks :)
Oh, ok, man. Thanks... sorry for such (I suppose) dumb question, but, I`ve al ready look at the screen shot and see and understand the error but, still don't now how to fix it... how can I do it?
Nop, I corrected that but that wasn't the trouble. I figure it out, though, I share it here so anybody else can find the solution:

The issue here is that you need to leave the Thank You Page URL blank inside of LeadPages so your MailWizz system can display their Thank You Page in order to add people to your list.

So, MailWizz really needs to display his own Thank You Page so it can add the subcsriber
@Alejandro - To use https instead og http you need a SSL certificate for your domain name where mailwizz is installed. This is something your hosting can add for you.