how use DMARC and List-Unsubscribe

HI Alihyazdi,

DMARC is just a DNS record (TXT) that you should add on your DNS zone and list-unsubscribe is a not mandatory email header.
If you are not talking about email header,of course a "list unsubscribe" link must be set on the email message in order to let people unsubscribe directly from the mesage itself.
But i think you can add on the list option any header you want from the mailwizz backend (i'm still testing it, so i don't have the full scope of features;))

In any case you can read bunch of documentations on Internet;)


I need dispaly Unsubscribe for my newsletters look like pic that point with red arrow
You don't decide if that is shown there. Gmail decides based on a heavy criteria.
Even if mailwizz sets that info (it does) if gmail decides not to show it for you, then it won't be shown.