How translate certain words?


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I cannot translate a few words in mailwizz into Slovak language, pls see the attached files. Could somebody advice me what would I do? Thanks


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@fgaep - for articles the code looks like:
<h1 class="page-heading">
    <?php echo Yii::t('articles', 'Articles');?> <small><?php echo Yii::t('articles', 'List of helpful articles');?></small>
So it should be in articles.php translation file.

For Sort Order/File, my bad, i forgot to add that to translation, i have added it now though.
Thanks twisted1919, I would not send here my question if I do not have this done. Of course I have it in articles.php:
return array (
'View articles' => 'Pozrieť články',
'Articles' => 'Články',
'Published' => 'Publikované',
'Unpublished' => 'Nepublikované',
'Article' => 'Článok',
'Title' => 'Názov',
'Slug' => 'StruÄŤnĂ˝ titulok',
'Content' => 'Obsah',
'View article categories' => 'Pozrieť kategórie článkov',
'Categories' => 'KategĂłrie',
'Article categories' => 'Kategórie článkov',
'Category' => 'KategĂłria',
'Parent' => 'RodiÄŤ',
'Name' => 'Meno',
'Description' => 'Popis',
'View zones' => 'PozrieĹĄ zĂłny',
'List of helpful articles' => 'Zoznam článkov',
Pls tell me where I should insert 'app, 'File' and 'app, Sort order'. I have it translated in app.php. Thanks.
the latest -, I use sk (Slovak) language code without region, I generated this language via ssh command: /usr/bin/php ..... console.php translate, zii.php, yii.php I have in Slovak language
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