How to verify if feedback loop server is working fine??

pradeep sharma

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Hi @twisted1919

Q1 is there any way to verify if my feedbackloop server is working fine?

Q2. how can i identify if my emails are blacklisted in a list is due to bounces or feedback loop server.??

Q3. does feedback loop server sets email unsubscriber or blacklist in customer list. ?

Q4. what happens when a feedback loop complains is received?? at customer list ??? and with master blacklist of admin(is that email also marked to blacklist there).


Hi :)

1) You could try reporting some emails as spam and see. Note that you need fbl@ and abuse@ email addresses in place as fbl servers. Some providers will also require you to subscribe in order to get fbl reports.

2) They have a particular reason when they are unsubscribed because of FBL reports, you'll notice it.

3) It unsubscribes.

4) The subscriber is simply unsubscribed from that particular list.

In a scenario where an email is subscribed to multiple lists and a subscriber reports a campaign mail, is there a reason why the subscriber should not also be automatically be unsubscribed from the other lists?

In our scenario I would prefer it if a FBL report will result in the email to be unsubscribed from all lists. Other than manually unsubscribing the email from all lists, is there perhaps a better option to do this (I could not find a "bulk unsubscribe email" function).
@bidorbuy - When a subscriber clicks the abuse/spam button, it does it for one particular list. he might still want to receive emails from other lists, so it wouldn't be fair to remove him from all lists.
I'm trying to troubleshoot the Feedback loop server setup as well. I don't know if I have it setup wrong or if it's just not working. I send using 2 delivery servers, alternating between then - Mandrill API and Sendgrid API. The emails go out with a from address of noreply@ and the replyto address is promotions@. I have the Feedback server setup to check promotions@. That email account has thousands of unsubscribe messages from recipients but they never get unsubscribed from the list - the cron is setup but I don't know if Mailwizz is processing the feedback loop server inbox correctly. Is that how it should be setup or am I missing something?

You want the header of one of the email messages in promotions@ that requests the unsubscribe?
People are replying, however the messages are all exactly the same so I don't think it's people manually doing it - they are hitting some other unsubscribe mechanism besides the link in the email. Maybe I'm missing the way the feedback loop server works - I was under the impression it would grab emails from a dedicated email account and process them to unsubscribe people. The API handles the bounces and spams, but what do we do with all these unsubscribe emails that are getting auto-replied back to us?

I attached an example email header that we receive. Every email we get to this reply-to account has the exact same email body.


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Problem with above is that they don't contain the mailwizz headers so that we can identify the person who pressed the unsubscribe button from their email client, so i am not sure if there's something we can do in this case.
Ok. Is there something I should have setup in order to get those headers there? How is it supposed to work?

Thanks for your assistance on this.
@Joe - I am looking for solutions but if the email provider who sends these emails don't include the original email headers then it's going to be a problem because we cannot identify the subscriber/campaign.