How to use tags inside webhook URLs


Hi all,
I'm using the list form webhook extension. I'd like to use a tag inside the url like this:

In my testing, the tag does not translate into the URL that is posted via webhook. If I test it with an email hardcoded, it behaves as expected.

My use case is sending a GET after a subscriber has double opted in, and I need to pass along the email address to the script at the url.

How can I accomplish this?
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twisted1919 - Thanks for the tip about query params being automatically added by mailwizz. I tested it out and the webhook on the subscribe-confirm page does in fact add params in this format


This was enough for me, as I can grab the email parameter using this php code from mailwizz's GET request.

$user_email = $_GET['data']['subscriber']['email'];

I'm confused as to why you say the data isn't available though, since my testing shows it is.

Anyways, issue is resolved.