how to use List Unsubscribe in email header


I wanna know,how to use list unsubscribe in email header? Please find attachment for example.



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Mailwizz adds this automatically but it is up to GMAIL if it will show it or not depending on your sender reputation.

I am using mailwizz since last 2+ years. I have used it with amazon, mailgun, sendgrid and custom SMTPs. I never seen list unsubscribe in any email. If you are saying it depends on ip or domain reputation, it should be appear while using service of above mentioned service providers.
In my opinion, list unsubscribe option should be external and user should have choice, whether he/she wanna use it or not like other available tags and options in mailwizz.

please take this as a suggestion. since all ESPs are providing this facility whether user wanna use it or not.

Send yourself an email with mailwizz from a campaign then look in the email source, in the headers section after the List-Unsubscribe header.
As i said, we set this header and it depends on gmail if it shows it for you or not.
Don't trust me, search and you'll see ;)
well, i have sent an email and checked header. List-unsubscribe is there in header.
May i know what is the use this function if user can't use it? How will it work if option is not available for user to click?
Doesn't my point make sense?