How to Upload Template Without Changes?

Ray Li

I posted this question under "Bug Discussions" but it did not receive much attention so I am reposting it here.


Uploading my email template changes the code of my template so things don't look the same as I designed it. How can I use my templates without modification by MailWizz? I absolutely cannot design a template and then have to redesign it to work in MailWizz. I want to design it one time and then be able to send it.

Below is the link of my template as I designed it.

Below is what happens after I upload it into MailWizz.

Don't worry about the missing images. There are main problem is that template formatting is messed up.
How can I stop MailWizz from automatically encoding my messages and messing up my format?

Disabling Tidy keeps the "background" attribute from being stripped out. Easy fix and now my templates display PERFECTLY in Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and mobile!
How to disable Tidy -->
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Right now i am on a very bad internet connection, looking at the templates they look pretty much the same to me, but they're not fully loaded so i can't tell exactly.
Can you describe me the exact issue?
Thing is that we had an issue with the html parser but he had it fixed in the dev branch of the app.
I have isolated the problem and fixed it. It appears that the HTML parser does not respect <DIV> tags or COLSPAN. The images had 2px borders around them because the parser broke <DIV> tag alignment and I had to add in "display:block;" to the styles.

There are no more issues but I do hope that the HTML parser is less intrusive and doesn't just mess everything up for the templates I upload. It is EXTREMELY frustrating to have to reprogram a template right after buying it in order to use it.
@Ray Li - The parser is based on HtmlPurifier, the best tool we have for PHP for now, as far as i am aware of, so if you can see the irony in this :D
would be nice if it could be switched on/off directly when/where it is needed (and not in the code), incl clear cache functions
Sure, i have added this option in backend > settings > common.
However, i also left the one from the code, so if you leave the code as is and disable tidy from the web interface, then it will be disabled, if you disable it from the code, then it does not matter if it's enabled from the web interface, it will stay disabled.
With other words, the setting from the code will weight more.