how to Unsubscribed from all the lists?


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i want to know how i can Unsubscribed users from all the list's when they remove themself from 1 of the list's

and it's must be on the customer list's and not on the backand system .

it's very importend

If you are using >= version you should see these options when you edit your list details from customer area.
when i am Chooseing more then one list - only 1 list is marking when i save it
wht is that?
i can't choose to Unsubscribed from all the list's on 1 automatic?
Why i can't find the latest version on the download
i try to download the code and i get mailwizz- again
where i can find the new virsion?
@axyoma - You do have a login there, trust me, it is created for you automatically when you install mailwizz first time.
try to reset the password for your account there.