How to unsubscribe directly without double unsubscribe confirmation?


Hello, good night guys.
Today i found a new issue with the unsubscribe link.
I set the unsubscribe to work as SINGLE OPT-OUT but it still asking for double confirmation, why?
I want to be able to allow the recipients to remove themselves directly when they click over the unsubscribe link, without need to confirm by email, clicking over the confirmation link to have their email addresses removed from the list. Any idea?

@Bruno - If you are using single opt-in, then instead of [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] you can use [DIRECT_UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] tag and it will simply unsub the subscriber at the moment the link is clicked.
Hello Twisted.

Didnt work. After replace it for [DIRECT_UNSUBSCRIBE_URL], the unsubscribe link was resulting in error. There is a fix for that?

Hello. I got this:

Error 404!
The system is unable to find the requested action "en50222x4xad7".
That is understandable if the subscriber for which you try to access the link is not confirmed anymore, or the campaign has been reoved, or the list has been removed, so try to check these first.
Hmm. I am using this direct unsubscribe code at the GROUPS's campaign global configurations. There is any problem by doing in this way? Using the normal unsubscribe code its working fine.
You mean you are using it in the email footer setting? If so, it should be no problem.
What is the url where you are redirected when using this tag? How about the url when using the regular tag?
Hey Twisted. It goes to index.php/lists/en50222x4xad7/unsubscribe-direct page... But with that error. :(
Hey Twisted, good night.

I will do that for testing. Oh. Please let me know if is possible to add automatically to the blacklist the recipients who unsubscribe from the list. How to do that? Would be great to avoid the same user to keep receiving messages.

What if you have 10 lists and the subscriber unsubscribes from just one but wants to receive emails for other lists ?
Hmm. In my case they will never want this way. Would be great have client general supression list or be able to automatically add the ubsubscribed to the blacklist.
@Bruno - Sorry, i wasn't aware you're waiting for this.
The current way blacklisting works now ain't gonna change anytime soon, not because your suggestion is not good, but because it works fine as it does now and you can always create extensions to work around the system if you need to.