How to stop bot clicks on email links

Ashish Shukla

MailWizz 2.0 Tester

we are getting bot clicks on our campaigns. Anyone faced this issue before? How do we secure it.

Also can someone suggest how may i block those IP address in Mailwizz.

From /backend/index.php/settings/campaigns/exclude-ips-from-tracking you can add whatever ips you want to exclude from tracking.
@Ashish Shukla - Please open /apps/common/models/option/OptionCampaignExcludeIpsFromTracking.php and at line 26 make 60000 instead of 10000, then save your file. That should suffice. I'll include it in next release also.
Thanks, I increased and blocked those IP. Looks like it won't show with Mailwizz report. These are external tracking URLs, will these clicks reflect there?

Do we have any permanent solution to avoid bot clicks.
If you have SSH root access you can install a much more dynamically robust solution at the webserver level, something like Ultimate Bad Bot Blocker from this guy github repo:
Just choose what your webserver is and follow the provided instructions.

Hi @twisted1919 ,
Still we can see these bot clicks with these IPs on external reporting panel. Any possibility to stop that too.

We have a similar problem with robots' clicks.
I want to find out how you block clicks to unsubscribe links?
We have email verification links in our emails. And it cannot work correctly because of google bots. They are confirming all our users.
Thank you for any information
This is a permanent solution, you have to block them somehow, either via mailwizz or a firewall of some kind. No magic wand.