How to slow down speed of sending mesages?


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Good day, my name is Ivan.
I've some trouble here. I can't slowdown speed of sending e-mail's. How can I do it?

I set limits on sending server (E-mail's per hour) bud it didn't help.

What should I do?
Out of curiosity, how many emails you need to send in one hour? And how many you get right now?
It's about 1 000 per day. But I want to do it during all over the day.
Now I understand what whas my trouble (I think), I use 7 servers. I think cause of limits on every server it sends just 21 e-mail's then all adresses marks as unsend. It was main problem.

I thoutgh that issue was cause of my E-mail's looks like spam (high speed sending) ~ 20-50 in minute (I think).

If problem not in this please help to understand what I do wrong.

P.S. Sorry for my English.