How to send single marketing email via API


I'd like to send one email to one recipient via API. I see that I can do this via the transactional emails API, but I'd like it to be a marketing email (using my marketing delivery server, blacklist, and the preset footer).

I have many of this type of email, each with a different subject and body. So, I'd like to avoid having to create a campaign for each of them.

How can I achieve this?
You can't for now. You can create a segment, include the subscriber in segment, and send the campaign only to that segment.
@twisted1919 - Is there a way to directly add a single subscriber to an existing campaign via API? If not, could you add this to the API if it's simple enough? This one thing would be a really really huge time-saver for me, as it could remove a lot of code and coding headaches.
@007 - we will looking to it, but no promises since we have our plates full for now.
Please add this in the feature request forum.