How To Send In Batches?

Bradley Farmer

New Member
Hi guys,

Firstly, thanks and well done on creating such an awesome mailer!

I've got a mail list of 100,000 members and I want to re-engage them with a new campaign, but I don't want to mail them all at once. I've been advised to increase deliverability etc to mail the first 2,000, then 4,000, 8,000 etc until I'm mailing all 100,000 at once.

Is there a quick way of doing this within MailWizz?

So far I've taken my list and split it in to equal segments of 2,000 but obviously now I have a lot of lists!

I used to use Interspire which had an option to mail members 1-2000, then members 1-4000 etc.

Anything like that in MailWizz or some kind of alternative?


Hmm, actually i don't think you can achieve this in mailwizz easily, i've never taken into consideration this behavior.
The best way is to let the campaign run and then pause it, and so on, a bit clunky since it requires your attention.
You could also limit the number of emails that are send out in a minute, from backend -> settings -> cron and this will slow down delivery.

Anyway, just a note, the mailer business is to throw the emails in the MTA and MTA is the one that should throttle delivery and so on(see what PMTA is doing)