How to restrict campaign list?


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I'm using Mailwizz mainly for autoresponder campaigns, and I've now reached a point where my campaign overview page at


has become pretty long and thus times out quite often.

So my question is: is there a way to somehow limit this overview page by default?


* limit to the latest 10 campaigns only
* limit to the campaigns of one specific list only
* deactivate the collection of all the stats data
* any other restriction that reduces the amount of data required to display /email/customer/campaigns/autoresponder

@SteveSJ - By default mailwizz shows 10 items per page and that can be adjusted from the page footer, by selecting a higher/lower value.
You can also select what columns to show on a page, for example, you can disable showing the stats columns in campaigns, by using the toggle columns option in same page.
@twisted1919 - well that's all AFTER the page has shown once, but my issue is showing that page for the first time. That's why I'm asking if there's some config available that minimizes the amount of data required to display /email/customer/campaigns/autoresponder on the initial loading.

But ok, I've changed back to 10, let's see if that is persistent. If yes, then this would be an easy solution :)