How to Remove all the Delivery Logs


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Hi ,
Please let me know how to remove all the Delivery Logs, Right now I am able to Delete only 100 Records in 1 time I have like more than 1 Million Sending log Deleting one by one would take a whole life.

2. The Campaigns speeds have gradually decreased, however I have tried to increase the speed per minute and per sending. But Still the Campaign Speed is not changing.

Please help out for both .
If you delete Delivery logs, it will affect your campaigns stats. If you are still up for this, then why not simply delete old campaigns?
P.S: tell us your server specs and what else runs there.
Ok I have deleted the campaigns , But still speed issue is not resolved. The Speed of Campaigns is way tooo low now. It was fine before but dont know what happened now.

I really need you to help me out.

Here are the server Specs

CPU(s) 2 Xeon E5-2620 (6 2GHz cores)
Memory 32GB
Hard Drive(s) Drive 1: 300GB SAS . 1
Bandwidth 10000GB
Port Speed 100Mbps
Connection Switch Port (VLAN)
Operating System CentOS 6 x64
What is the size of your database now?
How many campaigns do you have?
How many subscribes do you have?
What slow speed means to you, how many emails/minute?
Did you do any mysql tunning or is default configuration?
The Size of Database now is 4600 MB

There are 5 Campaigns running

I have now 2 Million Subscribers

The Emails/ Minute are almost less than 1 / minute going.

No I did not is deafault.
Less than 1 email per minute?
This means you did some weird configuration, there's absolutely no chance to send this slow unless you screw the configuration big time.