How to MOVE subscribers between lists?


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Hi everybody,

I've got 3 lists, each with a number of AR campaigns configured on them - so let's call those 3 lists ARL#1, ARL#2 and ARL#3.

Now, I'd like to automatically have all subscribers of ARL#1 and ARL#2 moved to ARL#3 after they've received their respective last AR campaign on ARL#1 / ARL#2 so that they'll receive all AR campaigns of ARL#3.

The reason for this is simple: subscribers of ARL#1 and ARL#2 have opted in for different frontend products (so they need specific AR campaigns), but I want to promote the same backend product to them.

Thus the setup described above would avoid redundancy by promoting the backend product only to ARL#3.

So what's the best approach to achieve this?

Cheers :)

@SteveSJ - mailwizz supports this out of the box, in your campaign setup step, you can set so that you copy/move subscribers in another lists when they open or click certain urls in the email ;)
@twisted1919 - Yes I've seen that - but it would only work if the 'subscribe date' was reset on move (to the move date) as the AR campaigns of ARL#3 are setup with option 'xx days/after-subscribe'.

So does that reset happen?
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