how to make this header (gmail: unsubscribe)


I have seen gmail long has implemented this link at the top of the messages, and I guess it's a header.

Can anyone tell me how I can insert my emails or create it?

I hope you can answer me, thanks.

Hi Jera,

MW create this for you :D

This is from one message I've sent:
List-Unsubscribe: <>, < unsubscribe me from Equipe Interna list.>

Yes.... Use this can help yours contacts to Unsubscribe and this is one of Google Bulk Senders Guidelines...
(see this search results on Google to known more)

And NO, you won't see this link in your messages sometimes and then... Read the Guidelines and have a GOOD reputation, etc

PS: I choose to use only the URL, not URL + Email - to me make much sense and works great. I don't need to process email messages as I've use to do in the past. Is very useful.. See:


I hope it helps.

Do you known this site? Very useful ;)
@Jason Thompson You can add any header to your emails by configuring them on your delivery server. Edit a server and you will find an option to add headers at the bottom. It supports dynamic tags as well as it says "Following dynamic tags will be parsed depending on context: [CAMPAIGN_UID], [SUBSCRIBER_UID], [SUBSCRIBER_EMAIL]". So you can use them to distinguish between campaigns/mails on gmail fbl dashboard.
Ok thank you. So just to confirm then if i was to add the FBL header then it would go like this?

Np. Guess you need a small edit on the synatx.


is a mandatory unique Identifier (5–15 characters) chosen by the sender. It should be consistent across the mail stream.

Something like this should work. Also, first 3 fields are optional and customizable as per the doc you shared.
I´m trying to get that Gmail detect my emails as newsletter. Now, it detects all my emails as spam.
I´m comparing the headers of my newsletter, with other newsletter from other companies.
And I find always a difference:
MW add tags in the header like this:
X-Mw-Tracking-Did: 0
X-Mw-Subscriber-Uid: jf360tc411d5e
X-Mw-Mailer: SwiftMailer - @SWIFT_VERSION_NUMBER@
X-Mw-Delivery-Sid: 2
X-Mw-Customer-Uid: qr420orzcfd36
X-Mw-Customer-Gid: 1
X-Mw-Campaign-Uid: sp8107r8c8efc
List-Unsubscribe: <>
List-Id: vn727plbfg133 <lista 6AM pq>
Feedback-ID: sp8107r8c8efc:jf360tc411d5e:vn727plbfg133:qr420orzcfd36

But other newsletter, from other companies (like Mailchimp), add headers like this:
X-Campaign: mailchimpfd9dc6cfaacd4xxxxxxxxx
X-campaignid: mailchimpfd9dcxxxxxxxxxxx
X-Report-Abuse: Please report abuse for this campaign here:
X-MC-User: fd9dc6cfxxxxxx
X-Feedback-ID: 131xxx:13xxx.15xx:us6:mc
List-ID: fd9dc6cfaaxxmc list <>
X-Accounttype: pd
List-Unsubscribe: <>, <>

There are many differences between this headers. Is needed to add the "Mw" to the tittle of the tags? Mailchimp uses X-campaignid, and we use X-Mw-Campaign-Uid. Is possible that this difference was a problem for Gmail?

@victor6am It is not mandatory that headers be identical to those used by mailchimp

Even these can do harm. How many filters are against of the Mailchimp Headers?