How to keep track of unsubscribers



I want to import my another email services, unscubscribes to Mailwizz, what is best way to do it ?
I already uploaded unsubscribers to my list and turned their status as "unsubscribed",

Then i made new list and i was still able to add unsubscriber to list, (didnt regonize it's unsub)
Should I import my unsubscribe list to email blacklist area ?

Or do i only use one list where I will import receipts, and maybe split the list when im sending another campaing for different receipts?

Ok ,thanks.
Could you please check does the Blacklist import feature work ?
I couldnt get it working. I did export the list out and added emails and imported back still, sayting this error
I dont know what im doing wrong :) I have
  • Your form has a few errors, please fix them and try again!
  • Supported formats text/comma-separated-values, text/csv, application/csv, application/excel, application/, application/vnd.msexcel, text/anytext, text/plain.
I think you check that file format is csv (comma-separated) and you can open file with notepad++ or ultraedit and check that columns are really comma-separated "," not ";". Anyway there is a problem in your file structure. Maybe there is text like this ",,,,,,,,,,,,," at the end of the lines. I really don't know if it make sense.

File format should be something like this:
Nice, thanks guys !
I deleted entire "date added" column and changed Mime type off,
now its working =)