How to integrate with MailChimp?

Gary Orman

New Member
Hello, I have opened an account with MailChimp - simply because it's the system used for capturing email addresses in a funnel app that I've purchased.

The question is - is there a way to automatically get contacts that have been added to MailChimp and add them to a MailWizz list? Maybe an extension?

The app I'm using is called Interactr:

It captures an email and integrates with MailChimp. Would it be relatively easy to write an extension that integrates directly with Interactr in the same way
Yes, I could do that. It's a manual operation and it means that there will be a delay between someone subscribing to a list and when they get a confirmation email or the first autoresponder...

Is there some way that the new contact who subscribes to MailChimp gets automatically added to a list in MailWizz?

I'm considering a rather cumbersome workaround - which is for MailChimp to handle the subscription and confirmation emails, and the first welcome email, on their system... and then (as you suggest) to manually import the daily contacts to MailWizz for subsequent follow-ups.
The user submits their email using the Interactr email capture form, which gets sent to MailChimp via API as a confirmed subscriber.