How to Integrate MailWizz with OptimizePress and OptimizeMember (quick hack)

Pat Friedl

Ok, after messing around with the MailWizz API and OptimizePress this weekend, I found a quick way to integrate OptimizePress and OptimizeMember with MW so that new registered users at defined levels can get auto-subscribed to various lists. BOOM!

Here are the instructions...
Step 1
Download/Install the MaiWizz PHP API from here: I installed the API in the base public_html folder of my hosting account so it could be used by all my domains.

Step 2
In your MW install, you'll need to generate a set of API keys so you can use the API. In MW, just click "API Keys" and Create New (or use ones you've already created).

Step 3
Copy the attached code and save it to a file named "a.php". upload this to your OptimizePress/OptimizeMember based site. Make sure you edit the path to the MailWizz setup.php file. The file must be named "a.php".

Since I have multiple lists for multiple domains, I included the setup.php file for my domain in the same folder where I uploaded the a.php file. I put both files in a folder called "mailwizz".

Step 4
In the OptimizePress dashboard, click on Email Marketing Integrations and select arpReach. Add your list public API key in the API key text box and in the API Endpoint box, add the URL to the file you just uploaded, a.php.

So if your MW auto-subscribe script is at, you'd paste in: //

Click Save.

Step 5
Select OptimizeMember > General Options > Define Mailing List/Autoresponder Configurations. At each level of membership, just select arpReach as the list provider and then paste the unique ID of whatever list you want the user subscribed to.

Once you've done that, click Save, and you're done.

To test, just add a new user at the level that has a MW list defined, and you'll see that they get added to your list.

I'd love to see additional work done on this, but right now it works, and works well. Enjoy!


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Awesome hack mate! Thanks for sharing.
Unfortunately, and don't ask me why I don't get it, but a great majority of apps and SaaS developers will create all kinds of integrations with so many ESPs but most of the time will just plainly ignore the simple HTML form integration. How stupid and frustrating... Idiots... loll