How to insert image in mailwizz template


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Hi guys,

I don't know how to insert image in mailwizz template. I clicked on the image icon but it asks me to enter the URL, which I don't have as the image is in my local drive.

Does anyone know how to insert image with an URL or the correct steps to insert an image?

Thank you.

After I enabled CKEditor, my template page becomes like the following with nothing.


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ok i see, now I can upload the image. Just one more question, I am now having problems just copy and paste paragraphs directly from a word document to mailwizz. Do I need to type every single word on Mailwizz?
You don't have to. But you can't just copy from word doc and expect it to render in mailwizz in html. Mailwizz tries to do some cleanup which might affect what you paste from word, so where you have issues, do it manually.
Got it. I found that I could copy and paste from text file, but I could not use the available tags like FNAME. I have not imported any contacts to my list. Will I be able to use FNAME tag after I import my list? Thank you.