How to import unsubscribed emails


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I recently migrated my newsletter inhouse to MailWizz. One issue I ran into is, how do I import unsubscribed email addresses (since I want to be able to track them and not accidentally resubscribe the people)? As of yet, there is no easy way to do this from within MailWizz itself because we cannot modify the 'Status' column while importing. However, there is a workaround.

To import unsubscribed emails, do the following:

a) Create a CSV file with two columns: UNSUBSTATUS and EMAIL
b) Copy / paste the unsubscribed emails into the EMAIL column and the word "removed123" (without quotes) into the UNSUBSTATUS column for each email. Your CSV should look something like this:

UNSUBSTATUS                          EMAIL
c) Import the CSV into your list from MailWizz customer backend Lists -> Lists -> Pick your list -> Tools -> Import - > CSV
d) After import has finished, open phpmyadmin or any other way which you can run sql queries on your database.
e) Run the following query on your database:

UPDATE mw_list_subscriber
INNER JOIN mw_list_field_value ON mw_list_subscriber.subscriber_id = mw_list_field_value.subscriber_id
SET mw_list_subscriber.status = 'Unsubscribed'
WHERE mw_list_field_value.value = 'removed123' AND mw_list_subscriber.status = 'Confirmed'

*Note: If you modified your table prefix to something other than mw, you will need to adjust the table names accordingly

f) Go back to MailWizz customer backend Lists -> Lists -> Pick your list -> Manager custom fields -> Delete the UNSUBSTATUS custom field


There is an easier way to do that, not sure if it is the only way but it works without running queries on DB.

Create your new list and import subscribers as normal.

Then prepare a CSV with only your unsuscribed emails in.

Go to your list and view your subscribers

Click the "Bulk Action from Source" button in the top right hand corner.

Select your unsubscribe file and then choose "Unsubscribe" under "Action"

That will check the file against the existing subscribers and set them to "Unsubscribe".


No worries bud, MW has loads of features that aren't always obvious.