How to get out of spam on new vps?


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Hey everyone new to mailwiz. Set up a vps at linode with a new domain.
Has good IP and all settings are correct. mail tester shows a score of 10/10
However when I send a test email to gmail it goes strait to spam.
How do I go about getting out of the spam folder with gmail?
@wonderd - My own experience:
Sparkpost: For a dedicated ip, the shared IP is lost and what Twisted links to is the need to warm up the dedicated ip, which has the disadvantage of not being able to send a larger campaign for a specified number of days to 50,000 emails, only after about 1 week.
Without a dedicated ip Sparkpost gives you 5-6 shared IP addresses, but on several occasions 2-3 of them were listed as spam so you don't understand anything.

Mailgun: They always have shared IPs with the dedicated IPs purchased and the warm-up is automatic.
sending is shared between the two IP addresses, so the dedicated one gets warmed up and you can send 100,000 emails the first day, because only the right amount goes through the dedicated IP address.
I was sympathetic to them, so I chose them.

Hope the answer helped.