How to get a refund ???

John V....

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How do I get a refund with out having to do a charge back on the credit card ?

I am not happy with the support, cant get it to work and don't have time for someone to decide when they will get around to answering my question/s...

I would like a refund. I purchased the software ware yesterday!

Please email me details..

Thank you,

John A Verkitus
@John V.... - Im very sorry to hear that you feel in such a way to request a refund, I honestly dont know how the refund process works, You would have to take this up with Envato, However on the defence of both Envato and @twisted1919, Its not down to anyone to setup the process for you and to ensure you know what your doing before purchasing the application. Though i do sympathise with you and fully understand that it can be overwhelming at times, There is enough people on the forum to offer help and support. You must understand that @twisted1919 is busy working on the application, support and getting round the questions he gets asked can be tough, The mailwizz support is outstanding and almost 2,700 people think the same.

If you explain to me what the problem is, i will do my best to help you, understand that support is provided for Free by myself, twisted1919 and other forum users in our own time and everyone else is entitled to that support so it can be time consuming while also living everyday life with workloads, you could also instruct one of us to work with you as a paid service to accomplish your requirements.

In terms of a refund any advice i give could be wrong as ive never asked for a refund or heard of anyone else doing the same, But the fact mailwizz is a php based application could make envato refunding a difficult process and the time you possibly could end up wasting going down that avenue could be spent actually resolving the issues at hand.

Hope this helps.
@John V.... - As others say, Envato is the only entity that can issue you a refund, so ask them directly via their support system.

On the other hand, if there's something i can personally help with, please PM me.